Burn Body Fat
Develop Strength & Power
Muscle Endurance
Improve Flexibility
Improve Posture
Improve Motor Skills
Great Body Composition
Improve Relaxation


Group training encourages motivation!


People have more fun!  They push harder and get more from their workout!


At PUMP we provide all members with an unforgetable experience and push them to achieve excellent results through…

  • High intensity Interval Training
  • Booty Camp – Circuit Classes
  • Expert Nutritional Advice
  • One on One Coaching


With class sessions timed to suit your life style, we are mixing up typical gym routines with a variety of circuit training, boot camps, weights, suspension training, cardio & 1-1 coaching.

We will provide expert nutritional advice, set time aside to monitor results and provide feedback and guidance on the next steps to achieve your goals.

If you are looking to break from the norm with a more personalised one on one service then PUMP Fitness is the place to be.


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Our Group Classes